The P90X Experiment


I bit the bullet and ordered P90X. I guess writing and re-reading my recent posts on exercise and stress management, and exercise and health, motivated me to step up my own exercise… and I want to see if the hype over the P90X program is real.

So, I am going to give it a go starting August 1. Why August 1? Two reasons: 1. I want to have some time to read the manuals, watch the videos, and decide which of the options I am going to take (more on this in a bit); and 2. I have a couple of trips planned for July, and I can already see from my initial scans of the manuals that P90X requires real, sustained commitment.

Once I start P90X I will be posting weekly updates on my progress and thoughts about the program. So if you have considered or are considering P90X then be sure in check in. If you haven’t considered P90X, but are already exercising and want to see if the program can help take you to the “next level” then also check in.

I will set up an additional tab called P90X for this experiment to make it easier to follow.

I am excited, and after watching the first couple of videos and browsing the manuals, a little intimidated. But life is an adventure, and should be approached with high degree of curiosity and a healthy sense of humor… so here we go!

Check back August 1, look for the new area titled P90X, and help me stay motivated by knowing that I am being watched!

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  • Renee' July 21, 2010, 10:20 am

    Hi Chris–congrats on purchasing P90X and getting started on your fitness transformation. I love watching others go through P90X and reading about their success, struggles, etc because I went through a lot of the same things. If you are ever interested in reading about my experience with the program, I have a few blogs at I have also done a few other programs like Insanity and now TurboFire but P90X will always be near and dear to me! GREAT luck and I will check back often to hear about your progress!

    • Chris July 21, 2010, 10:44 am

      Thanks Renee. Ill definitely take a look!

  • Cheryl Wolf July 21, 2010, 8:07 pm

    Oh Chris, it is so funny how our lives parallel. I recently turned 40, was heading towards a painful frozen shoulder (because of weak back and shoulder muscles), was tired all the time and fed up with feeling out of shape. For my birthday, I decided to buy P90X and get started. It took me about a week to get through the manuals and figure out my routine before I got started and I just finished my 3rd week today. It is intense and the first week I was so sore, I could barely move, but I am managing to stay motivated and make the time every day for it.

    I don’t follow the nutritional part of the plan because I prescribe to a more organic, natural and whole foods diet with plenty of healthy vegetables and a moderate intake of healthy fruits, nuts and seeds which provide more carbs and fats than suggested. I tried their plan for the first week or two, but my body didn’t respond well, so I altered my nutritional plan to something I was more comfortable with. Additionally, I don’t use their drinks and bars… I prefer more natural products, so I compared the products on the market to see what they were trying to provide (except the artificial sweeteners and preservatives). Clif Builder is the only all natural protein bar (and tasty!) and PlantFusion is a good all natural plant-based protein powder (I add natural fruit into a smoothie with it to create the carb intake for recovery). I also use electrolytes when I do a more intense workout (Plyometrics or Kenpo-X). I get them all at our whole foods market. I also use my own organic whole food multivitamin. I feel much better listening to my body and I encourage you to do the same through the process. Let me know if you want the spreadsheet I put together for my workouts, nutrition, etc…

    Good Luck and have fun 🙂

    • Chris July 21, 2010, 8:18 pm

      It is odd and funny how we seem to be tracking along similar paths! Who woulda thunk it back in 95, huh?

      I am looking forward to getting started. I need to lose some weight, so Ill start with the P90X Lean routines. I’ve been watching the videos and they do seem intense! But they also look fun (pain is weakness leaving the body, right?).

      I am actually excited about the nutritional program. I don’t eat very well at all, and could use a real change. I don’t plan on using their supplements as I can get EAS supplements at a huge discount. I’m going to check out the natural supplements you list as well, though. Gemma and I have been making an effort to “go green” in lifestyle and food… we even planted our own vegetable garden this year and it is AWESOME. We also get our meats and whatever we don’t grow from the local farmer’s market each weekend. My weakness is sweets, though… and red meat (Im from Texas after all). Im still kinda on that Naval Academy meal plan…

      I really enjoy sharing and learning with you, Cheryl! One of these days we’ll actually make the move to Florida and hook up with you guys, Im sure.


  • Cheryl Wolf July 24, 2010, 3:55 pm

    Have fun with the program (that attitude helps you keep going when you are sore and tired). As far as nutrition, this article (;_ylt=ArBWUgpUDdMNlgPMxLrParR0fNdF) is a good summation about our diets and how changing a few things can be helpful. The concept of eating whole foods and cutting out processed foods helped me a lot and although organic can be more costly, knowing when it really matters (meat & the dirty dozen) can help balance the costs. A vegetable garden sounds wonderful and if we had the room I would definitely do that but I live on a golf course, so I have limited space of my own to plant – and they do the yard maintenance including spraying pesticides so I couldn’t keep it organic. However I buy from local organic farmers to eat healthier and support the movement towards healthier produce and meat. We also started with a small organic herb garden on our screened in porch so we are making our small effort!

    It would be nice to catch up in person with you and Gemma whether you move to Florida or get the USNA reunion… If you get started soon, your 90 day experiment could end just before you get back to the reunion – talk about motivation to get in shape! Bring it!

    • Chris July 24, 2010, 5:02 pm

      Thanks Cheryl!

  • Cheryl Wolf August 21, 2010, 3:11 pm

    Have you started yet? I just started week 8 and I figure you would have started by now. I spent the first week really sore, but it got better after that. Curious about your progress 🙂 Good luck!

    • Chris August 21, 2010, 7:55 pm

      My plans moved to the right somewhat. Scarlet got her first cold, then spread it to Gemma, then ultimately to me. So I am starting Monday.

      Sounds like you are doing great, though!