The benefit of always doing what you say

Something that I was considering lately is how there is a benefit in always doing what you say. This is beyond just doing what you say to others, but doing what you say to yourself as well. Just think about that for a second.  How often do you say something and then not follow through and do it? I bet it is more than you would like to admit.

The ramifications of this thought can have broad impact on your life and on the world in general. I would not hesitate to say that I would bet your productivity would increase as well. No more deciding if you should do something, you just do it because you said it. This is not even going into such associated topics as being trustworthy. Though that is impacted if you can manage to always do what you say.

When asked to consider such a simple statement did all the incidents of you not doing this come to mind? If that is so I am sure there were examples of how this had a negative effect. Perhaps something as simple as your word being doubted by those you interact with. Of something with large ramifications such as compounded lost time. One possible ramification being the time saved that could have been applied to something productive.

When you think about it the ramifications can be immense and have a broad impact on your life in general. The compounded ramifications could have life altering consequences. Such a little action and “follow-through” could change your life from this point forward. This little action could have a cascading affect and change your life and the way you are viewed by others.

From personal experience I have seen such changes in my life. I recall this was how I had always tried to act, though in retrospect I am sure I am only seeing the positives. As I went through life this little thought became a motto and corner stone of how I always try to act. I am not saying this is easy, but easier than you might think if it becomes second nature. This has had unforeseen consequences as well in my life.

The obvious consequences can be seen by most if you think about it. The interaction with others is impacted in small and large ways. My social reputation was affected as well. True, this was because other aspects of my personality, but it would vary with each person I am sure. Other changes I have noticed over time when I reflect upon it. Internally I seem to think in a certain fashion as well. I think more introspectively until a direction is chosen, then I act. When the direction is chosen then I think I follow through as well. I said something internally to myself and I follow through, just as I do with others. I am not sure how much of those two are because of doing what I say. I am sure that at least in some way this choice has had that impact.

Just think about it, think how this spall action repeated over time could have positive effects. In the end if you become known as the person who always does this, your credentials will be set. This self molding isn’t for everyone, but it is something to consider.

Think about it.

About the author

Chris Peacock

Christopher W. Peacock, PhD, studied Information Technology (IT) at Capella University and attended other schools. He has been in IT, one form or another, for 30 plus years. He is presently working as an Enterprise Architect and is a devoted father.