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Chris Akins – Coach, Consultant, Keynote Speaker

I am available for in person coaching sessions in the greater Columbus, Ohio area, or via phone, MSN Messenger, or Skype worldwide.  I am also available for consulting and speaking engagement worldwide.

Why choose me as your coach, consultant or keynote speaker?

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As a coach and consultant I bring over 20 years of leadership and executive management experience, both in the U.S. Navy as a non-commissioned and commissioned officer, and as a corporate leader with companies such as Rolls-Royce, Alcoa and Clipper Windpower. My complete corporate professional biography can be found here.

In addition to my experiences as a Naval officer and corporate executive, I have also spent over a decade successfully mentoring and coaching others. Although I am not yet licensed as a therapist or psychologist in any state, over the past 5 years I have earned a number of credentials relevant to coaching and mentoring, including:

  • Registered Psychotherapist, State of Colorado (see Mandatory Disclosures here).
  • 3rd year doctoral student in an APA accredited PhD in Clinical Psychology program, with specializations in neuropsychology and cognitive-behavioral therapy.
  • M.S. in Clinical Psychology, with over 600 hours in individual and group therapy practice as an intern under a licensed therapist.
  • Certified as a Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner by the American Board of NLP (ABNLP) and the International Association of NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA)
  • Certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist by the American Council of Hypnotherapist Examiners (A.C.H.E.)
  • Certified TimeLine Therapy Practitioner
  • Qualified Language and Behavior (LAB) Profiler

My areas of expertise

Coaching areas: Lifestyle, Personal development, Executive/career development,  Leadership.
Consulting areas: Organizational development, Change management, Supply Chain Management, Project Management.  More information on consulting areas of expertise can be found here.
Speaking: Personal development, Leadership, Motivational.

My approach to coaching

There are three primary purposes of coaching:  1. to assist you in setting and reaching challenging goals, 2. to motivate and help you accomplish more than you may do on your own, and 3. through improving your focus to help you achieve your goals more quickly than you would otherwise without my assistance.

As your coach I will approach our coaching relationship as your equal partner whose sole purpose is to help you clarify and achieve your goals through a combination of active and reflective listening, posing direct and powerful questions, challenging your assumptions and paradigms when appropriate, and speaking openly and honestly with you in all situations.  I will also help you by holding you accountable for the plans we make together to achieve your goals.  Although I will never act as your therapist  I will use the full range of my skills during our coaching sessions, including NLP, Hypnotherapy, TimeLine therapy, Reflective listening, and the training I have received in psychology.

The typical coaching relationship is structured as follows:

  • Introduction:  During the initial sessions we will spend a great deal of time getting to know each other, and building trust in the coaching relationship.  As part of the initial session I will ask you to sign a coaching agreement, we will agree terms of confidentiality (if you like our sessions will remain strictly confidential), and I will ask you to fill out a questionnaire providing basic personal information such as contact information, career information, goals for the coaching sessions, etc.
  • Assessment:  During the second session I will conduct a LAB Profile with you.  The LAB profile provides imporant information about how you create your model of the world (or your reality).  The Profile assesses areas such as motivation traits (what motivates you, how do you stay motivated, etc.), and working traits (how do you respond to stress, what is your working style, etc.).  With this information you we will both learn more about what makes you “tick,” and how to best help you achieve your goals.
  • Goal Setting:  After we have learned about each other, we will turn to goal setting.  I usually begin with high level goals relating to what you would like to achieve from coaching.  Would you like to be more successful in your career?  Would you like to develop a better work-life balance?  Are there habits your would like to break… or form?  What are your hopes and aspirations?  It is during this session that we develop your vision for our sessions.  And it is also where we identify the steps it will take to get you to achieve that vision.
  • Planning for achievement:  After we have identified your vision and goals, we will work together to translate these goals into well formed outcomes, and develop plans for achieving them.
  • Executing:  Once we have focused in on the goals, and what it will take to achieve them, I will work with you to clarify progress, adjust approaches when necessary, and maintain motivation to achieve.  I will serve as a mentor and coach in the truest sense of the words, acting both as a trusted and knowledgeable partner providing guidance and support for your journey, and as a cheerleader to help you stay motivated and on course.  I will also help you remain accountable for the plans and goals we agreed.  These sessions may include a combination of NLP techniques, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Cognitive-Behavioral approaches, Mindfulness and others to assist you in finding the resources you need to achieve your goals.

Given the nature of the coaching relationship I typically suggest committing to no fewer than 10 sessions over a period of 2-3 months to allow the relationship to develop, and to maximize the opportunity for success.  Over the course of my coaching career I have maintained clients for much longer periods.

Consulting arrangements

Although there is often an element of consulting in any coaching relationship, the nature of consulting is different than the nature of coaching.  As a consultant I offer my expert knowledge and experience on specialized topics with which I have a great deal of experience.  These topics include: Organizational development, Change management, Supply Chain Management, Project Management.  Typically, I will work with colleagues with a broad range of skills and expertise to successfully achieve the goals of our consulting clients.

Consulting services are offered through Trident Consulting LLC, a company I founded while working for Rolls-Royce in the United Kingdom.   You can find more information about the consulting services offered by Trident, here.

Keynote speaking

As a keynote speaker I will develop a customized program based on your specific needs to fit your audience.  I have a great deal of experience speaking on a variety of topics in the areas of personal development, leadership, and motivation.

I have also delivered corporate level trainings in the areas of Supply Chain Management, and Project Management (details on business training seminars can be found here).

My strengths as a speaker include:

Credibility:  I approach the topics I speak on from a position of direct knowledge and experience.  My diverse background as a naval officer, corporate executive, entrepreneur, coach, mentor, therapist intern, and graduate neuropsychology student provide me with the credibility of experience and reflective practice in a diverse number of topics.

Creative and Insightful:  All of my seminars and speeches are customized to my audience.  I have a diverse set of life experiences from which to create my materials.  Through reflective practice I have developed the ability to view the world from many different perspectives, and engage my audiences to generate insightful discussions that facilitate interest and growth.

Engaging and Inclusive:  My speaking format is not a lecture.  I seek to actively engage my audience to generate conversation and group learning.  I will not put the audience to sleep by simply talking at them.

Results oriented:  I believe a seminar or keynote address should have purpose.  I will work with you to understand the intent of your program and the demographics of your audience to develop a vision and purpose for the address.  I will then customize my speech to deliver that vision and purpose, while at the same time entertaining and engaging the audience.

Hire me as your coach or consultant, or book me for a your event

Please contact me at chris@chrisakins.com.
Be sure to provide your phone # and a time I should call you so we can discuss your needs further.