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Project Wellness Week 2 Update

In the first 10 days since starting Project Wellness, Phase II I have lost 4.4 lbs! That’s almost a half pound a day! I’m feeling GREAT as well, with more energy and more focus.


Project Wellness week 1 update

My results from Project Wellness – week 1…

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Even though week 1 was only 3 days, I am already seeing some results:

  • Lost 1.6lbs
  • Feeling great!
  • More energy; able to roll out of bed awake
  • No exercise this week, only eating Vegan and taking EPX Body Nutri-Thin

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Epigenetics and you

epigeneticsDuring my studies in clinical psychology I often run across a theory called the biopsychosocial model of mental health.  In a nutshell, this theory says that mental well-being (and mental illness) is affected by a combination of biological (genetic), psychological, and social factors.

What this means is that just because you have a genetic predisposition to a particular mental illness, such as schizophrenia or depression, does not mean you will necessarily develop the illness.  Whether or not you actually develop schizophrenia depends not only on your genetic makeup, but also on other factors in your environment. [click to continue…]


My wellness journey, phase II

After a hugely successful Phase I, where I lost 27lbs and started my daily meditation and (almost) daily yoga practices, I am now ready to start Phase II of my wellness journey

Here are my goals for Phase II of my wellness journey

  1. Eat a more healthy, sustainable diet.  For this I am starting a 30 day Vegan diet experiment.
  2. Enroll in the EPXbody 90 Day Challenge.  By enrolling in the challenge my goal becomes more real to me, and I could get paid to lose the weight.  Nice motivation! The product I am taking in Nutri-Thin, and it has great reviews.
  3. Expand my exercise routing. I need to be more disciplined with my yoga practice, and will also start doing other exercises like running and weights.  I may try the P90X program I’ve had collecting dust on my bookshelf for years!

Check back for regular updates!


Our interconnected consciousness

interconnected universeJung proposed a universal consciousness.  In other words, he proposed the notion that we are all part of the same, dynamic, living system.  We are all interconnected, not only with each other, but with all things in the universe.  This is not a philosophical statement.  Physics supports this idea, at least on a molecular level. [click to continue…]


Life solutions through mindset change

mindset Carol Dweck, a highly respected Standford professor has conclusively outlined the potential for mental growth and success through a change of internal perspective on life, utilizing a “Growth Mindset”. Mindset, by Carol Dweck is very easy read that is all about disbarring the belief that people are born gifted. Through years of research and multiple real life examples, Dweck outlines the facts that we are all capable of reaching great pinnacles through hard work, dedication and most importantly the mindset we keep.
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Mind reading is bad

mind readingAs human beings we have the incredible ability to infer what other people are thinking.  This ability is one of the things that enable us to communicate and work together to achieve great things.  However, there is a darker side to this ability.  When unbalanced, our ability to infer becomes a “cognitive distortion,” or more simply, way of thinking that twists reality.  This way of distorted thinking is often called mind reading, and it can create all kinds of trouble and strife if left unchecked. [click to continue…]


Building great friendshipsOur social networks are vital to our well-being.   Research suggests that people with large social networks may outlive loners by as much as 22%, and that cancer patients with good support from social networks have much higher rates of remission.   From a social psychology standpoint, studies have shown the importance of our friendships and social networks on our worldview, our self-esteem, and overall mental well-being.

So it’s important to have friends.  But friendship is a two way street.  It takes effort, patience, and understanding to develop solid, support friendships.  Here are some tips for building friendships that last. [click to continue…]


Do something good today

HelpSo what is the point of being socially responsible, or contributing to society? Alfred Adler, one of the most renowned social psychologists of our time, suggested that doing good things for others fosters a better self-image and increases our sense of belonging. It is this sense of belonging, in particular, that was most important as human beings are social animals, and strive first and foremost to be members of the collective group. By increasing your sense of belonging to a group, the group becomes part of your identity, and reinforces your own perceptions of who you are, bolstering your self-image.

While Adler’s philosophy is not universally accepted by psychologists, there is some evidence to support his ideas. Research on how relationships develop during infancy, and later through childhood and across the life span, reveals the importance of how we as people view our interactions with others and with our social networks. Infants who learn to trust their parents tend to grow up with healthier ideas about relationships, their role in society, and have higher self-esteem. They are generally more extraverted, and have more positive views of the world. [click to continue…]