My wellness journey, phase II

After a hugely successful Phase I, where I lost 27lbs and started my daily meditation and (almost) daily yoga practices, I am now ready to start Phase II of my wellness journey

Here are my goals for Phase II of my wellness journey

  1. Eat a more healthy, sustainable diet.  For this I am starting a 30 day Vegan diet experiment.
  2. Enroll in the EPXbody 90 Day Challenge.  By enrolling in the challenge my goal becomes more real to me, and I could get paid to lose the weight.  Nice motivation! The product I am taking in Nutri-Thin, and it has great reviews.
  3. Expand my exercise routing. I need to be more disciplined with my yoga practice, and will also start doing other exercises like running and weights.  I may try the P90X program I’ve had collecting dust on my bookshelf for years!

Check back for regular updates!

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