Why keeping a positive outlook is important

This is a topic that at some point in time you have been faced with. It is a pretty common human condition. You have heard it phrased many different ways and at various levels of enthusiasm. I will not trouble you with many positive euphemisms. It happens, deal with it. Oops, I did what I said I would not do. It is a difficult thing to do I agree, just needs doing quite often. I am one for saying doesn’t hide the truth and such, but a truth is that many people and society does not condone saying when you are “not in a positive mood, or frame of mind”.

The condition could be caused by many different things or nothing at all in some cases. Though I am not a medical professional I would say that if it happens more times than not there might be a problem. Sometimes I have found that doing the known routines sometimes snaps you out of it. Or at others I have done more extreme actions to snap out of it. Some people would say that working out in the gym or at home helps. Some combination of these activities normally works to have the mood pass.

Now there is a reason for dealing with the lack of positivity and that is health and social “standings”. Sounds foolish I agree but it can affect many aspects of your life. Job, relationships can be damaged when the wrong non-positive thing is said when you are in one of these moods. I am pretty sure that the inner voice filters are not as effective when you are in these moods. I know that my internal filters are not as resilient at those times.

On the health side of the negative impact of a lack of positivity could be several. The first that comes to mind is that one could not be as active or motivated as you normally are at these times. I would think that it would have more serious effects if the negative opinions are more long term. I know from personal experience that not being positive makes the more mundane things in life more difficult to do. It seem pointless or something along those lines when you bother thinking about it. That very same thinking could result in a negative spiral to more negativity and abysmal thoughts.

This article seems to have taken a more sinister turn in direction. That was not the objective, just something that sometimes happens when the positive is not the focus of your thoughts. This is not saying that moments of non positive thoughts do not occur; just in moderation is healthier. I will not preach to you how I deal with these moments of negativity. Some of the ways are mentioned and others are not. Sometimes doing the routine and forcing yourself thought these less positive moments are all you can do.

As you can see there are reasons why it is important to at least try and remain positive. It doesn’t normally take a lot of effort, but it is worth it. I myself have found that my memories that I have when I have being positive are more memorable. I myself have had some very negative things occur in my life, it doesn’t help to dwell on them. Life goes on as they say. Yes, I said I would not say another quant phrase, but it slipped out. If worse comes to worse remember that it is your life and you can make it positive.

About the author

Chris Peacock

Christopher W. Peacock, PhD, studied Information Technology (IT) at Capella University and attended other schools. He has been in IT, one form or another, for 30 plus years. He is presently working as an Enterprise Architect and is a devoted father.