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Guest Bloggers

Want to be a Guest Blogger at ChrisAkinsdotCom?

ChrisAkinsdotCom is looking for Guest Blogger to contribute to the blog.

If you have a passion for personal development and helping others, why not contribute to my blog. Maybe we can help each other out. You can gain some exposure for your blog or your writing while I am building the readership and ranking of mine.  And in the process, we will both be helping others who are embarking on their own personal development paths.

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Where to begin

The most important thing is to first read ChrisAkinsdotCom to get an idea of the types of articles that I typically post. You will notice there is a wide variety of self-help and personal development topics already posted, and I am happy to consider other related topics that have not already been posted.

Once you have an idea for your article, refer to the Guidelines below, and get in touch with me at chris@chrisakins.com .


  1. Guest posts must be original, meaning that you haven’t and won’t publish the post on your site(s) or any other sites. By publishing your post on ChrisAkinsdotCom you relinquish all rights or claims on the post. In other words, it becomes the exclusive property of ChrisAkinsdotCom
  2. No SEO anchor text please.
  3. There’s no standard required word count, but 500-1,500 words is typical for the blog.
  4. Send your idea or your completed article enquiries to me at chris@chrisakins.com, with a brief description of who you are and why you want to write for the blog. If I accept your article, I will ask you to register on the site and create a brief profile with a profile picture so my readers can get to know you.
  5. After we have agreed the topic, Ill ask you to write a draft of your article, and upload it into WordPress under the profile you created in step 4. Make sure you have no tags which specify the font or the font color.
  6. If you have a suggested image for the article, please include it in the draft post you create in WordPress (step 5). Please ensure that you have rights to publish the image, and then confirm to me in an email that you do. Otherwise, I’ll track down an image to accompany the article.
  7. I normally respond to emails within a couple of days maximum, so if you don’t hear from me, something likely went astray. Please do contact me again!
  8. If your idea or post will not work for ChrisAkinsdotCom, I’ll let you know why so you can make some tweaks or submit it to a blog that’s a better fit. If I do accept your post, I’ll let you know when it will be published.

I look forward to welcoming you to the family, soon!