How to effectively deal with change

This is a topic that most of humanity deals with at some point and time. If you do not think that is the case I would recommend you taking a look at your daily routine. Many people, such as those like myself, have a routine that their daily lives’ follow. These routines can make the impact of changes difficult to deal with. I think in short dealing with change means opening yourself to the unknown. If your routine changes, then you are uncertain what will come next and might not be able to adjust.

This uncertainty is exciting, but I think that it has a certain level of associated stress involved. You have to be aware of the impacts of dealing with change. Though as in another article I wrote this could offset feelings of boredom. This change must be looked at in a positive manner. As in something different to look forward to, the unknown andunexpected, and differences could have long-term positive repercussions.

Dealing with change comes down to adjusting your viewpoint and levels of tolerance. If you look at it as an adventure then you anticipate the change and the unknown. If you look at change as an obstacle then you will struggle with it and battle the changes. This is not always the best course of action.  Doing so often  makes adjusting to change much more difficult, and may even amplify any negative effects.

If you chose this adversarial stance you may not handle the change effectively, or receive any of the possible benefits the change might bring. If the changes are negative in nature you have to adjust accordingly. So positive or negative you have to adjunct with the changes and flow with it in the best way you can. The inevitability of being faced with changes comes upon all of us. The way you deal with the changes and flow and incorporate them into your life makes all the difference

Dealing with negative and positive changes takes the same skill sets. It comes down once again to how you accept the changes and weave them into your life. I am not saying this is an easy or seamless to integrate change, but it can be done. If change is something you fear I think there are methods you can take to prepare for their eventuality. If you find yourself following a routine and being very predictable change little things in your routine. Do not make drastic changes, just little things to alter your routines. Then when something occurs it should not take you as much by surprise.

Change is part of life. The question is how will it impact you? Will you adjust and move on, or will the little changes stop you in your tracks? Just think about it as you go through you daily life and consider how it would feel to get a bit of surprise into your life? These are just some things to consider. It is your responsibility to decide on your best course of action.

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Christopher W. Peacock, PhD, studied Information Technology (IT) at Capella University and attended other schools. He has been in IT, one form or another, for 30 plus years. He is presently working as an Enterprise Architect and is a devoted father.