VIDEO: Confirmation bias and maps of reality

Welcome to my first video!

Today I am discussing confirmation bias, maps of reality, and how these concepts play into personal development and relationships.

This, and my future videos can also be seen on the ChrisAkinsdotCom YouTube profile.

I hope you enjoy, and hope you will leave some feedback in the comment section!

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Chris Akins

Hi! And welcome to my website! I started ChrisAkinsdotCom in 2006 as a part of my own personal growth journey, and over the years it has certainly helped me evolve as a person, and ultimately change careers from a business executive to a mindset coach, and human behavior professional. This blog reflects many of the thoughts, insights, and strategies that have helped me make life altering changes. I hope reading ChrisAkinsdotCom will help you in some way as well!

Jose Mota - 7 years ago

I like this, I’ve been discovering philosophy for the last few years. I do not want to change, I want to build on what I learn. I love to listen and read others peoples point of views. Listening to others is like entering into a world. I also like to throw wrenches in peoples train of though to induce dialoge. Like you say we may not agree with others point of view but we need to learn to respect. “I smoke” well “I do not” but that does not mean that I try to force you to change your ways, “you must be like me” “otherwise you are wrong”. “Respect for the rights of others is peace” [Benito Juarez].
The ability to recognize that others view the world, and recognize that as reality or the truth, is what makes us intelligent. It opens up empathy, understanding, love, and a can of worms.
Thanks for sharing

    Chris Akins - 7 years ago


    Thanks for watching. I started becoming more aware of these concepts through my psychology coursework. I’m working on a book about perceptual realities right now. I find the concepts fascinating and relevant.


Robert katelhu - 7 years ago

Very interesting. This goes nicely with the Quantum Physics and the nature of reality that has become a hobby of mine of late. Thanks.

Richard - 7 years ago

Hi Chris, Thanks for this post. Really enjoyed listening to you. I agree with Robert it does tie in and relate abit to Quantum Physics which I find most interesting. Thanks and I look forward to more 🙂


    Chris Akins - 7 years ago

    Hi Richard,
    Thanks for visiting. Perceptions and reality creation are major interests for me. Im actually working on a book that covers the topic in detail. Im hoping to finish the draft this year and maybe publish sometime next year. In the meantime there will be more to come on the site!

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