10 seconds to perfect balance

Sometimes life gets the better of us. We get into situations where we feel ourselves becoming overwhelmed by the things that are happening around us. Perhaps someone has just cut us off in traffic, or maybe we just got some bad news, or we just have too much to do and not enough time to do it. Whatever the situation, there is a sure method to calm yourself and regain balance. Here is what you do…

Stop what you are doing. If it is safe, then simply stop whatever it is you are doing. If it’s not safe, then breath and get to a safe place. Simply stopping what you are doing is a way of removing yourself from the situation and slowing things down. In other words, you can remove or at least reduce the immediate pressure you are feeling by simply stopping.

Take a deep breath. This is important. Once you have reached a place where you can remove yourself, at least mentally, from the situation take a deep breath. Breath all the way down into your belly and feel the muscles in your face, neck and shoulders relax. When you learn to do this well you will actually feel the tension fleeing those areas. Continue to breath deeply for three or four breaths, and with each breath allow your muscles to relax.

Posture is important. If you are able, and its safe, you may even want to close your eyes and smile. Yes, smile. The physical act of smiling has a neurological effect of lightening your mood. Its science and it works. In fact, you may want to sit or stand up straight, hold your head up and take a “happy” posture as well. You may be surprised how much better you feel by this act alone.

While you are taking those breaths, tell yourself “I’m ok. Right now, at this moment, I am safe, I’m breathing, and everything is perfect.” (This is important so don’t leave this bit out).

Now, as you read this you may be thinking that everything is not perfect, or you wouldn’t need this exercise. The reality is that most likely, in the very moment, everything is actually perfect because you have removed yourself from the stressful situation.

Be present in the moment. This exercise is really about living in the moment, or being present in the moment. Effectively you are suspending time. Not thinking or focusing on what happened even a fraction of a second ago, or what will happen even a fraction of a second from now. So at the very moment, as you go through this exercise, you are creating a place of peace and perfection. You are living in the moment, and at the very moment everything is perfect.

This entire exercise takes about 10 seconds, and can have profound effects on your immediate well-being. The great thing is that you can do this at any time. You don’t have to wait for a crisis. In fact, I have a little green dot that I have placed on the corner of my computer screen. When I happen to look over and see that green dot it reminds me to take 10 seconds out of my day, breath, and be present in the moment. I do this several times each day and it is great! Try it for yourself and post a comment on how it works out for you.

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