Is self-reflection really good for you?

self-reflectionI recently read some research on happiness, in which the author stated that self-reflection may actually be bad for us in the context of fostering happiness. My immediate reaction was, “WHAT?!” But as I read on and I realized that she was not differentiating between self-reflection in the meditative sense, and what psychologists call rumination.

However, reading this research did highlight some important things we must keep in mind when we engage in self-reflective processes. [click to continue…]


What color is your world

positive attitudeHave you ever paid attention to the color of your world? Sounds like an odd question, but the answer may go a long way to explaining how happy you are.

Everybody knows or has met people who always seem to have a talent for being happy. These people almost never seem to be down. They can easily find the positives in bad situations, or if not the positives at least hope. These are people find joy in almost everything, no matter how big or small. They are the chronically happy. [click to continue…]


What is life without principles?

PrinciplesIn a word:  directionless.

Principles guide actions.  More importantly, principles connect actions to values.  In other words, when you are acting on principles, you are acting in accordance with your own values.  When you lack principles, or act against your principles, you are acting against your values.  The result of acting in ways that violate your principles (and therefore your values) is a life devoid of integrity.

It is important to understand that often when we act in ways that violate our principles, we do so out of ignorance.  That is to say, one of the main causes for not acting in a principled manner is due to a lack of self-awareness, or a lack of a deep understanding our core values and principles.  [click to continue…]


We all have periods in our lives where things just seem out of control. The great news is that these challenging times are not usually life threatening. So how do we manage the chaos and recover from that flat spin?


Truth and consequences

consequencesHow many times have you felt like a victim? Like no matter what you do or how hard you try life is just against you. Like you deserve more or better in life.

Many gurus will foster your sense of self-pity, and tell you that you are right. You deserve more. I’m not that guy.

You see, in my view we are all part of a natural system. And that natural system is governed by laws. And at the end of the day, we as people are not so special that we are exempt from those laws. And one of the most fundamental laws in nature is causality. In other words, our actions (or inactions) have consequences.

For some this may sound incredibly harsh. To me it used to. I work with some of the most downtrodden and miserable people on the planet. Homeless veterans suffering from mental illness, and often at the same time struggling with addictions. [click to continue…]


Keeping a Positive Outlook

positive attitudeThis is a topic that at some point in time you have been faced with. It is a pretty common human condition. You have heard it phrased many different ways and at various levels of enthusiasm. I will not trouble you with many positive euphemisms. It happens, deal with it. Oops, I did what I said I would not do. It is a difficult thing to do I agree, just needs doing quite often. I am one for saying doesn’t hide the truth and such, but a truth is that many people and society does not condone saying when you are “not in a positive mood, or frame of mind”.

The condition could be caused by many different things or nothing at all in some cases. Though I am not a medical professional I would say that if it happens more times than not there might be a problem. Sometimes I have found that doing the known routines sometimes snaps you out of it. Or at others I have done more extreme actions to snap out of it. Some people would say that working out in the gym or at home helps. Some combination of these activities normally works to have the mood pass. [click to continue…]


Living in the now!

Sometimes an experience teaches you the importance of living in the moment.


Project Wellness Update – Reload!

Finally, a long overdue update on Project Wellness!

In this update…

  • Weight loss progress, goals, and plans
  • Vegetable garden
  • ChrisAkinsdotCom and Life Skills University new products in the making



focused mindDo you feel scattered or out of control on most days?  If you do, you are not alone.  In our modern society, we are asked to do more, faster, and better than any generation that has come before us.  The very technology that promised to make our lives simpler has only further complicated it.

Think about it?  When is the last time you truly unplugged for any significant period of time?  Most people cannot remember the last time.  This constant bombardment of information and demands can easily turn the most focused of us into a disorganized mess if we are not careful. [click to continue…]


Project Wellness Update Week 3

Another awesome Project Wellness week! This week I lost another 3.2lbs, for a total of 7.2 pounds since May 15. That is an average of .42lbs per day! And I feel GREAT!

All due to eating right and taking EPX Body Nutri-thin.